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Paggaio Olive Mill

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Our olive mill "Paggaio Olive Mill" which is based in Orfani, Kavala, is a modern organic olive mill that respects the traditional way of olive oil production. For several years he has been producing with passion and dedication extra virgin olive oil which he has for all of you who know how to choose olive oil. In the facilities of our olive mill, we have the latest technology machines and we manage to produce extra virgin olive oil in strictly controlled hygienic conditions.

The olive growers of our area trust our olive mill thanks to the immediate service and the modern equipment we have. Thus, giving great emphasis to the quality of the olive fruit and in combination with the cold pressing and processing that takes place in our ecological olive mill, they can ensure olive oil of exceptional quality.

Our mill consists of 2 processing lines and has the ability to compress up to 125,000 kg per 24 hours, which makes us unique in strength and service in the wide area, so we are flexible in our appointments and prompt service without degrading the quality of the product.

All these years, our olive mill has not stopped evolving and modernizing with the main goal of producing olive oil of excellent quality but also the immediate service of all olive growers who trust us with their olives for the production of their olive oil.


  Receipt of the fruit

  Defoliation, removal of foreign matter and washing

  Grinding the fruit

  Massaging the olive dough

  Olive oil export


  Olive oil purification


The mill has its own olive groves consisting of 5,000 trees. We standardize our product but we also provide standardization services for anyone who wants to standardize their oil. We have the ability to store 160 tons of oil and a press that meets all hygiene requirements.


Combining tradition with technology, our mill produces and has extremely virgin olive oil with rich nutrients, the perfect aroma and fruity taste of fresh and healthy olive fruit.



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